I credit my Nichiren Buddhist practice for my courage, perseverance and wisdom to fight against many crooks, enemies and the government all at once. This Buddhist practice came into my life about six months after the discovery of my Fraud on the Court crime. Faith, practice and study are ways to understand the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism which are based on the Lotus Sutra. Nichiren Daishonin whom lived in 13th century Japan studied many types of Buddhism. He determined the teaching by Shakyamuni Buddha of India of the Lotus Sutra was the highest and correct teaching for the Latter Day of the Law when great evil exists.

Nichiren Daishonin enshrined a mandala the Gohonzon which is a mirror to ones own life. Each and every person has a Buddha nature, instead of looking outside of yourself it is draw up ones own Buddhahood and seek your enlightenment. Much in the philosophy is about fighting for justice, breaking through any and all obstacles, to change your karma and destiny by showing actual proof of Victory in ones life. To win, never be defeated and to be happy!

"Buddhism is the ultimate practice and philosophy for transforming our lives for the better. It therefore deals with the core impulses that can either assist or hinder the attainment of absolute happiness. Buddhism recognizes arrogance as a prominent characteristic that impedes our progress, and compassion for the welfare of others as a positive force for our own well-being. One originates in fundamental darkness, the other in fundamental enlightenment. Buddhism recognizes the tension between the two as a reality of life. It is a conflict chronicled in the teachings and history of Buddhism. Defeating the enemy within, vanquishing the enemy without." —A Brief History of Soka Spirit

Nichiren Buddhism is practiced twice daily in the morning and evening by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. I am very grateful and blessed for my mentors and friends in faith and to be a member of the Soka Gakkai International—


During my fight against judicial corruption I encountered a family whom were in a long term cold case and estate theft from Staten Island, New York. This family was instrumental in arranging my trip to India to teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama beginning in 2008. My travels to these teachings were with Geshe Lharampa Tenzin Demchok of the World Maitreya Karuna Foundation where we stayed in a lama camp in Mundgod, India. A large Tibetan celebration and inauguration of a newly erected assembly prayer hall also occurred. On the trip I met Donna Byrnes a fellow healer who was my roommate. Donna and I did many joint healing sessions on other travelers, visitors and on monks in the lama camp.

Though I do not practice Tibetan Buddhism as my faith, I do utilize Tibetan healing methods in Reiki. His Holiness the Dalai Lama projected an unbelievable energy in a cleansing of the crowd I never encountered before. During the trip this group of travelers and I were in many Tibetan ceremonies. As an energy worker I believe these Tibetan ceremonies provided relevance in my fight for justice. I can easily relate to how the Tibetans were forced from their homeland to my own plight and the many other American families being victimized and harmed by judicial and governmental corruption. Due to the sacred ritualistic practices of the Tibetans, it is my hope that the Tibetans will be freed by the Chinese government to be able to return to their homeland to preserve their culture for many years to come.

About a year after this event Donna Byrnes and her family became victims to judicial corruption. This began my involvement on the subject of unlawful seizures of children for foster care and adoption schemes through the courts plus the rights violations to families and kinship rights. I have sought the release of James Matthew, Donna Byrnes grandchild on many occasion. In November 2010, I received assistance from two CPS (Child Protective Services) activists, Jane Boyer and Josie Perez of the Abuse Freedom Live Show to expose twenty cases of child kidnappings by the courts.

These cases were submitted to John Walsh of America's Most Wanted and to the U.S. Department of Justice. I command the freedom of all these children, plus the freedom of many victims I have assisted and my own freedom.

I am happy to see the U.S. Government begin protocols to refund foreclosure victims as Restitute the People has been a slogan of mine. Another slogan has been Free the American Hostages to free countless American's held hostage in courts charades for years on end.

As painful as these experiences have been I realize my own higher purpose in these events as a healer. Societal healing is so desperately needed for our country and world, humanity must be restored.

I was raised a Catholic, and believe in many levels of consciousness. The higher consciousness of heavenly gods and other spiritual beings exists. Many levels of spirit and influence have guided my journey as a corruption freedom fighter and rights activist.

It is my hope that the Buddha nature of those in the U.S. Department of Justice take authority and serve Justice on these matters plus restore the United States as an American country and government by President Obama.

"The powerful may appear great but in reality they are not. Greatest of all are the ordinary people. If those in power lead lives of idle luxury it is because the people are silent. We have to speak out. With impassioned words, we need to resolutely attack abuses of power that cause people suffering. This is fighting on the side of justice. It is wrong to remain silent when confronted with injustice. Doing so is tantamount to supporting and condoning evil." In 1260: Nichiren Daishonin submits his treatise " On Establishing the Correct Teachings for the Peace of the Land." —For Today & Tomorrow Daily Encouragement by Daisaku Ikeda