The Fight

My name is Cheryl Kennedy, I am a Fraud on the Court crime victim turned Corruption Freedom Fighter, Rights Activist and Whistleblower. As a revolutionary leader for the times I became an expert and a force to be reckoned with in my dealings with government corruption. My get in your face courageous stance and attitude to defend myself and the American people only grew as I discovered the Judicial Branch of Government was broken and corrupt besides the U.S. Congress, Federal Reserve and Banks.

My husband and I began a divorce mediation in April 2004. Later I discovered that Attorney Eileen Avila, the hired mediator, defrauded me. My fight against this crime only grew to become an unbelievable conspiracy. Many families are in conspiracy's in the U.S. Court system and no one generally gets any assistance.

Commissioner Richard Dubois was involved with Attorney Eileen Avila in my divorce Fraud on the Court scam and he kept intentionally harming me after the fact at hearings. My identity was altered in my fraudulent representation by Attorney Eileen Avila and she also defrauded San Mateo Superior Court in San Mateo, CA of my identity. My notice for response in this divorce was withheld from the courts records for almost two years while Commissioner Richard Dubois acted on my behalf unlawfully. Both my husband and I paid monies to Attorney Eileen Avila, but Attorney Eileen Avila was never my attorney even though in documents she represents both my husband and I as an attorney. Attorney Eileen Avila filed the courts documents that she represented only my husband as an attorney this was to intentionally defraud and harm me, her extreme malice to oppress me was why I always fought back. How could I let this woman harm others, I knew she had to have other victims.

As I sought protocols to disbar Attorney Eileen Avila whom defrauded me all I was met with were cover-ups by the State Bar of California, Commission on Judicial Performance and even with Frederick Ohlrich the Clerk of the Court at the Supreme Court in San Francisco. The continual cover-ups by these inoperable judicial regulatory agencies helped me to realize these were only organized crime racketeering operatives in the State of California.

No oversight and no protections for myself existed anywhere. I began to complain to all California state politicians even Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer, local Congresspersons and even with the U.S. Judiciary. This blatant grand larceny to rob and harm me with no regard to my life in this corrupt court only supported my becoming more vocal against this corruption. Any and all of my rights were violated, I was chronicly victimized, brutalized and traumatized even after I filed a civil lawsuit against Attorney Eileen Avila. The practices in this court were tyrannical, barbaric and a charade.

The attorneys and insurance company that represented Attorney Eileen Avila all knew I was harmed and defrauded but continual cover-ups ensued. Many parties denied their subpoenas for my jury trial against Attorney Eileen Avila so I subpoenaed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to my jury trial against Attorney Eileen Avila in May 2008. My Sixth Amendment Constitutional Right to a jury trial was violated by Presiding Judge Foiles. Judge Foiles assigned my jury trial to a bench trial with Judge John Schwartz with no jury. I protested demanding a jury and spoke with Deputy Attorney General Nathan Barankin on the day of this rights violation whom wrote me about the Governor's non appearance. I allege without a shadow of a doubt Judge John Schwartz took a bribe to enter a fraudulent judgment by Attorney Martin Johnson, defense counsel for Attorney Eileen Avila from the firm Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman, & Dicker whom were hired by First Mercury Insurance Co. (FMR) Richard Smith, CEO. In 2011, First Mercury Insurance sold themselves in another fraud to Fairfax Financial Holding (FFH.TO) plus issues exist related to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Meanwhile my crime traveled to the Ulster County and Albany Supreme Courts in New York in a foreclosure full of fraud. Judge Gerald Connolly along with Ulster County Head County Clerk Nina Postupack and others tried to pass off another woman's identity from a judgment at the county clerks office as me for months on end. This allegedly appeared to be a kickback or money laundering scheme. This fraud began with Attorney Edward Rugino of Rosicki, Rosicki and Associates and the law firms owners Attorney Thomas and Cynthia Rosicki. Issues exist with JP Morgan Chase not taking mortgage payments too. I filed a counter lawsuit against Ulster County Head County Clerk Nina Postupack, CEO Jaime Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, CEO Robert Klein of Safeguard Properties, the attorneys at Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates and other attorneys. Total corruption ensued so Attorney General Cuomo and Governor David Paterson were brought into the matter and I discovered no judicial regulatory agencies operated in New York either.

Organized crime judicial regulatory operatives were all that existed in both California and New York from my experience.

A STAY was issued by me with Attorney General Cuomo even though he had no jurisdiction in 2009. Due to this corruption and since the matter is not settled in May 2012, JP Morgan Chase tried to foreclose again. The debt collector system is a fraud and these banks have written off the same debt and have been bailed out over and over again. My immediate and permanent STAY was now moved to Governor Andrew Cuomo's office by my own executive order as an American. Issue's were taken up by me to arrest CEO Jaime Dimon plus issues about these frauds with the Securities and Exchange Commission. My own indictment list is lengthy.

I became more and more vocal plus wrote extensive correspondence on judicial, political and governmental corruption. NO JURISDICTION exists anywhere with political Congresspersons or Senators not even with State Attorney Generals in relationship to the courts, a big problem. The Obama Administration picked up an unbelievable Holocaust like horror left behind by the Bush Administration. The American people are being harmed and robbed of property, children and their lives. Americans are hostages within these corrupt courts. An honest service fraud exists by politicians as they do not represent their communities when victims exist from in the U.S. Court system. This turn a blind eye, turncoat behavior is from the members of the U.S. Congress, which only aids and abets crime.

The banking debacle with the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Courts and U.S. Congress is one of the biggest land heists of property this century. The criminality and rampant crooks within the governmental offices of local counties, states and the U.S. Government are off the charts. Americans are under siege while laws, rights, freedoms, liberties and justice are subverted under treasonous conditions. The U.S. Government has definite governance of Britain most easily observed in Commonwealth States and many mafias in existence. The U.S. Government is subverted with many private corporations that have no allegiance to Americans. U.S. Courts violate American rights and laws in droves, this topic is covered-up by major media, rights agencies and very few individuals will even speak about this topic. Luckily more and more victims are beginning to take a stance as Americans hurray! The U.S. Government controls media, there is No Freedom Without Freedom of the Press!

I assisted numerous other court crime victims by reporting their crimes. I exposed with other parties a group of seven cases against Commissioner Richard Dubois and twenty child court kidnapping foster care/adoption schemes besides other individual cases. Since August 2009, a U.S. Marshall has been assigned to me. My closest Frienemies are U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, The U.S. Marshall's, Governor Jerry Brown, ex- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and on occasion Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Behind the scenes actions are being taken by the Obama Administration to curtail this corruption. I do not agree with how these matters have been handled while my rights and other adults and children's rights are being violated daily but this fight is not just mine it is about defending the American people and this country.

Where are indictments, Attorney General Holder? It is time President Obama restores Laws, Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, and JUSTICE to the lives of the American people. The United States needs to be taken back as an American Government. Wake Up Americans!

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." —Martin Luther King, Jr.